Using the Directory

A: To help prevent misuse of the Directory, we limit each family to 15 search/displays per day. If you have a legitimate need to display more, please use the form to Contact Us.


A: Yes. families have the ability to edit their PTSA Directory listing. Just login, locate your Family record and click the “Edit Family” button. Please be aware that by editing the PTSA Directory, no changes are made to the source of the data in the RHS/Tam District Online Registration system.
A: The PTSA receives data from the RHS/Tam District Online Registration system in the fall. The data received is a subset of registered student data. We don’t receive data from families who have opted out of the Directory or have requested certain data not be published. Please review your data and privacy preferences in the RHS/Tam District’s Online Registration system. Most issues regarding missing data are due to inadvertent preference settings during student registration.
A: No. You need to use the District’s website to update your record seperately.
A: If you would like to be removed from the online Directory, you can edit your Family Preferences and deactivate your listing.
A: The data we receive from the District arrives as individual student records. To create the Directory, we process the records into Family records with multiple Households, Students and Contacts. Sometimes, we get it wrong, particularly when names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are different between student records.
A: We publish all the family data provided to us in the fall from the RHS/Tam District office. If some or all of your family data is missing from the Directory, the most likely reason is that you have opted out of the Directory during student registration. Please login to RHS/Tam District’s Online Registration system and review your preference settings there for next year.
A: Practically unlimited! You can Add, Delete and Edit Students, Households and Contacts. Remember: edits made to the PTSA Directory are not reflected in the RHS/Tam District’s Online Registration system.
A: A: In the RHS/Tam District’s Online Registration system, families can update email addresses or phone numbers. For address changes, please contact Redwood’s Counseling Secretary, Simone Davis at sdavis@tamdistrict.org or (415) 945-3626, for information regarding required proof of residency documentation.

Business Partners

A: Redwood High School is generously supported by local business partners every year; in exchange we offer them the opportunity to promote their business through the directory.


A: No. The system remembers your login for 30 days without having to log back in.

Using the Directory

A: No. Each login is unique with it’s own password.
A: Yes. You can download and import vCards.
A: You can use the Online Directory on any device.


A: Yes. The Online Directory is a web site which needs access to the Internet to work.
A: Yes. The Online Directory is a web site which needs access to the Internet to work.
A: No need! The online directory automatically adjusts for any screen size.

New Features

A: Please contact using the ContactUs form.


A: Please contact our Membership Chair, Judy Schwer at membership@redwoodptsa.org


A: Please contact us using the ContactUs form.